July 29, 2010

5 Months

It's hard to believe that five months have passed since I came into this world!

I've really been busy this month. Teething set in really bad for me (ouch!) and I've wanted nothing but to nurse all day and night. Even dad's feeble attempts at giving me carrots haven't worked.

Once the teething died down a bit, I gave mom a nice 10 hour break one night. She seemed REALLY grateful.

My days have been spent going here and there; to the States on trips and errands, to the amusement park and water park, and of course on walks with the family. I have warmed up to Avery quite a bit. She's pretty funny and almost always produces a smile on my face . . . until she tries to choke me with a hug or something . . . then I get really worried.

Mom brought out some fun toys for me, like my self-contained Jump-a-Roo and a cool Leap Pad table. (I can't really play with it, but I like the lights.) I still enjoy my fish swing . . . as long as Avery is far enough away that she can't swing me roughly in it.

I'm getting used to celebrity status. Everywhere I go, everyone absolutely loves me. They think I'm the most adorable little thing. Can you blame them? I truly am all that . . . and more! My sweet personality and huge smiles are just the icing on this jelly-roll!

So far I am not moving around a whole lot. I think mom fed me too much donut flavoured milk. But, I've been trying to roll over, and kind of had it working the other day. I'm not too concerned though. I've discovered that a huge smile and some frantic arm waving will get me up in the air in no time and with my "chauffer" I can go anywhere I please . . . while safely staying out of harm's way. Dad says I remind him of some character named "Oscar the Grouch", whoever that is.

All in all, I'm really enjoying my time here with my family. I just can't wait to get moving on my own . . . and trying some of that food stuff that they all eat.

July 21, 2010


Jayden has really developed his little social circle this year.

The big move from one school to the other mid-session didn't seem to phase him too much. He quickly made lots of friends and is very happy in that circle.

He has been busy learning how to "super push" on the toboggan hill, how to deek in soccer, and how to battle with pool noodle light sabres. His school work has been coming along well also. He has become an avid reader, branching out from his old "Cars and Trucks" and "Auto Trader" magazines to all things Star Wars related and to chapter books like "Flat Stanley."

He writes stories too . . . usually about Lego or Star Wars. One day I will have to put one on the blog.

He often stays up late at night reading and building lego.

Speaking of lego, it is his newest obsession. Especially Lego Star Wars. He can play with it for hours and loves to play with the little Lego Star Wars men. (We tried just buying him the action figures that are MUCH larger than the lego guys because they are $15 rather than the $50 for the set of lego . . . just to get the Lego Yoda but he wasn't interested.)

He too has finally clicked in swimming. (It's funny, after the last three years of paying tons of money for swim instruction and still having them cling to us in the pool, we don't put them in lessons now and just try to escape the heat at Sarah's pool and it all clicks. They learn how to swim. Except for Avery who has had 2 near drowning experiences.) He swims all over the pool, does his "canyon balls" and even tries diving.

Jayden is generally responsible and generally a good kid. However, I see a lot of playground boys rubbing off on him with his mannerisms and attitude that I'm not thrilled about. (One in particular is the ever so cool ampit farting that he so nicely shared with Jackson and Avery. Now Avery does it in public places . . . but lifts up her dress to do it.)

He likes biking and skiing . . . especially going off jumps and catching air.

It's hard to believe that his is 7. Where did the time go? I feel often like I missed out on the last 6 years of his life with all the other babies/kids to look after. We are definitely making more of a point to spend special time with him now before we lose him to teenagehood.




While significant improvements have been made with Jackson now that he is in school (and with the downturn of Jayden and Avery), Jackson has had shining moments where he has been the golden child. (Well, next to Livvie since she's a baby and SO easy.)
However, shrill high pitched screams? obnoxious noises? come from him (and rub off on Avery) and it drives us insane.
He is more managable for some things, like sleeping, he is generally the best child to go to sleep when asked. And he has taken some responsibility in looking after Avery and Liv on occassions. And, surprisingly, he is one of my best cleaners and has the cleanest room. (We are still working on keeping our toilet and bathroom clean.)
But, he still gets into trouble (usually for getting someone else into trouble) and likes to use brute force to get his ways if his high pitched noises don't do the trick.
He is always getting hurt . . . either by being careless and walking into things or being beat up by his little sister (who has obviously learned a thing or two about using light sabres, kung fu and brawling).
However, he is full of energy (except when biking . . . I think that kids' bikes are built way too heavy and the hills here are pretty steep) and full of life. He is considerate (unless he is upset) and has deep passions for all things sugary, Bakugan, and swimming.
This summer he finally had the courage to take his life jacket off and has been doing pretty well swimming.
He loves dogs. Well, animals of all kinds, but the ones we see around here most are dogs. He likes to hold them and pet them, take care of them, etc.
Cooking is another favourite thing of his. Taste-testing comes with it too. Jackson has become my best vegetable and fruit eater.
Jackson is my diamond in the rough, but we are seeing far more shining parts than rough parts now. Thank goodness!


Some thing happened to our sweet little Avery.

Sure some of her sweetness comes out every once in a while, but more often than not, a crazy, whiny, demanding monster surfaces.

We have a few ideas of how this happened:

1) One night some Aliens came into the house, abducted her, rewired her brain and then brought her back to see how we would react while they watched and laughed.

2) Her every-other full days with Jackson have changed her for the worst. (Jackson seems to enjoy giving her bad ideas to do things that will undoubtedly get mom upset and get her hurt or in trouble.)

3) She is at the in-between stage for napping. She clearly still needs them, but refuses to take them. Anything short of me physically holding her down while she screams bloody murder for the construction workers to hear (it was much worse before a/c was installed and the windows had to be open) for about 30-40 minutes, leaves her awake and gets us into the fun "get-to-bed-now-before-I-get-my-spoon" charade. The fact that her room is kind of across the hall from Jackson's and they talk through open doors doesn't help either. Especially since he likes to influence her to get out of her room and play Bakugan with him.

Otherwise, she is pretty happy and to the innocent bystander, she seems like a dream. She loves to sing. Her current repetoire includes: ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, She'll Be Coming Down the Mountain, Popcorn Popping, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut, Star Wars Clone Wars theme song, and (taking after Grandma in Calgary,) Santa Claus is Coming to Town (in July) and Frosty the Snowman.

Neighbours know her as the adorable little girl who is ready for a rainstorm or flood as she wears her rubber rainboots every single day, refusing shoes. Her current favourites are the yellow ones that Grandma in Calgary got her. I personally don't understand why she doesn't get hot in 30 degree (100 degree F) weather . . . but then there is Jackson who wears sweatshirts outside alongside her. (We really look like a circus troop when we exit the house, but if I tried to get them all dressed myself, we'd most likely never leave.)

Her favourite shows are Dora, Diego, Caillou, and Bakugan and Star Wars Clone Wars.

Avery loves to look after Liv. She often puts too many blankets and toys on her face and hasn't really figured out that Liv might need a bit of personal space--like don't talk to her with your face 3 cm from hers--or that yelling when you are that close can hurt people's ears. (Even though Liv is a little worried when she sees Avery around, she still breaks out into a bit smile for her sister.)

Right now we are all into cycling and Avery is determined to master her tricycle. I wish I could find her a better one though. The one we bought for Jayden years ago has great features, but it is near impossible for a young child to pedal on their own. None of our kids has managed to use it successfully . . . except for Jayden, last year.

Her favourite toys these days are: Ice Cream Bear (a Build-A-Bear), Dora suitcase, Bakugan, Dad's i-Phone and mom's i-Pad, and all her babies. Every day I have to go searching for Liv's receiving blankets and all of our face cloths because Avery has taken them and put one down for a sheet and another over for a blanket on all of her babies.

Avery likes to play hair dresser. She will often try out new hair styles on me. Usually they involve just brushing hair into my face and then whisking it off slightly. And she likes her doctor's kit (especially when it's nap time) . . . saying that "Doctors don't take naps."

Colouring is another favourite pass time, but we are still working on remembering what things we can and can't colour on. There have been a few occassions where she finished up looking like a hardened criminal on parol. (Fortunately, she never has gotten into a permanent markers yet.)

July 9, 2010

Four Months

At four months I have discovered my fingers . . . no small feat since they are hard to see over the rolls that make up my wrists and some plump round thing that Mom refers to as my hand.

I have taken a keen interest in what other people are putting into their mouths and can't wait to get a taste of what they are eating.

Mom also gave me some extra Guillermo time. What fun! He is so soft and furry, and easy to grab. (For some reason, Mom doesn't think Guillermo is as fond of his time with me though.)

Every morning I would wake up with a song. I LOVE to sing. I'm only four months so it sometimes resembles a rusty violin, but my heart is definitely in it and I'm doing my best for my parents so they smile anyway.

Mom's favourite part of me turning four months was that I finally started fitting into Avery's old 6-12 month clothing. (It kind of softens the blow of me growing so quickly.) Avery was pretty spoiled with all these cute outfits and beautiful dresses. I can't wait to see what's in store for later!

July 6, 2010

Did You Know . . .

That 111 freakin' degrees fahrenheit can not only melt a whole stick of butter within an hour, but also start it bubbling?

It has a similar affect on humans too. We've been in puddles for the last few days and tempers have been short.

The only thing I can compare this heat wave to is when Brad and I lived in Vegas and it was so stinking hot one day we decided to just skip town and go to LA. Back then we had old Jean Claude, Grand AM, who was on his last legs to begin with. His A/C never worked (which proved to be good for business since it kept Brad knocking doors and inviting himself into people's homes--and making pest control sales--instead of seeking refuge in his car). But on this day we skipped town, along with just about everyone else in Vegas and got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a parking lot, er, highway in Death Valley, of all places. The temperature was about 120, I think, so maybe that was worse. I just remember having my clothes melt into my skin and leaving sweat puddles on the seats.

That's about as miserable as it is here.

I keep trying to remind myself that we have it better than those poor people who lost power. At least we can open the fridge on occassion to blow cool air on us . . . though I have had thoughts of crawling into the freezer, even if only for a few minutes.