December 13, 2011

Christmas Quotes

I was hunting for some Christmas quotes online and came across this one and thought I'd share:

Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.- Victor Borge

(Chuckle.) Well, then Christmas is certainly the time to visit then!

December 12, 2011

Wish Lists

The final lists have been made and mailed out with two weeks to spare. Here they are. Sadly, our kids don't seem to think that Santa has some kind of budget alotment for each kid. Perhaps there should be a new movie/TV special about how Santa handles Christmas in an economic downturn!


Still asking for an iPod touch . . . I wonder if Santa has connections with Apple? I'm pretty sure he doesn't have connections with hp!


Apart from his jumping castle and ride on car, there is really little he wants. The biggest things he has been asking for are a chess set and wallet.


Wants every Disney princess doll . . . even the ones that are lost at the bottom of her closet. And a doll house and doll accessories.


The easiest to please . . . if you can figure out what her picture is of. However, we took them to Toy'r'us the other day to buy presents for each other (big mistake . . . they only found and whined about what they wanted for themselves) and she went crazy over Elmo.

December 7, 2011

Seeking Sympathy

Jackson has become tired of always being the one who gets into trouble and has started wanting more attention for the wrongs against him.

The other week he came running off the bus . . .

"Mo-om! Jayden was punching me on the bus! Are you going to talk to him?"

"Jayden, why did you punch Jackson? You know that is not acceptable." I questioned Jayden.

"Well, Mom, it was because he was trying to stick a needle in my ear!"

Up here for Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day we pin plastic poppies to our left chest to show our support. Jackson had taken his apart and found creative ways to get attention.

"Jackson!" I exclaimed, "I don't blame Jayden. I would beat you up if you tried to do that to me too."

"But aren't you still going to talk to him??"

Roll eyes.