November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween! (Well, only one day late . . . and since I still haven't posted about my boys' birthdays . . . from two years ago, you could say I'm getting more "timely!")

Just a quick pic of our cute little octopus! She was the hit every where we went . . . totally worth the exuberant price tag for the costume from PBK. (Eek! I think I squirted some ink thinking about that!)

Trick or treating went well for her first "real" trip out . . . it took about two houses before she realized she was getting candy. And then about 8 before she lost interest in the candy and started focusing on people's decorations. Much like her mom, she was scoping out all the goods, admiring the carvings, the lights, the decor . . . only when she found some she liked, she started stuffing them in her treat bag!

Oh, and if you didn't get enough candy, we've got plenty to donate. I have thrown out a couple of bags and still have about THREE reusable grocery bags FULL. Any takers?? Anyone know of a donation candy bank?? Anyone need some candy for an upcoming Santa parade??